How to Protect Hardwood Floors from Dogs?

While we love our furry friends, they can sometimes be…a bit…chaotic.

Fortunately, we have vinyl mats which are expertly crafted to work with your dog or cat and play nicely with any spills, mud, or fur they may create. Investing in a vinyl mat will save you both time and money, while also ensuring your loveable pet is properly taken care of. They also work to protect hardwood floors from dog debris your pooch may have brought in from the outside.

If we still haven’t convinced you that vinyl mats are the way to go, keep reading! We’re breaking down our top 10 reasons why pet owners use and love our vinyl mats! For questions about our best-selling pet products, head over and shop for yourself (and your furry best friend)!


Top 10 Reasons Pet Owners Use a Vinyl Mat


1.     Prevents Accidental Spills and Stains on Hardwood Floors

If you’re trying to protect hardwood floors from dog, you know that even the slightest bit of moisture can wreak havoc, which is why many people opt for a vinyl protective mat. Utilizing a vinyl protective mat underneath your pet’s food/water bowl will ensure that there’s a thick layer of protection between the moisture and your beautiful hardwood floors.


2.     Vinyl Mats are Reusable and Easy to Clean

There’s nothing worse than buying a new mat for underneath your pet’s food bowl and realizing it’s trapped with un-washable dirt and grime. With a vinyl floor mat, you don’t have those issues.

Vinyl floor mats are designed to last, with recyclable and easy-to-clean fabric. You can feel good about purchasing a vinyl mat due to their pure convenience. They take no time, no extra money, and no thought to clean.

Our products are also developed under the highest of standards and with up to 50% recycled plastic, so you can have peace of mind that you’re buying a vinyl mat that will last.


3.     Can Be Used Under Kennels

If you have a dog, you know that kennel time can lead to high emotions. Often times, newer, untrained puppies will urinate or defecate in their kennels which can seep through the metal cage and damage hardwood floors.

To protect hardwood floors against any unexpected dog remnants that may occur, it’s always safest to get a hard floor cage mat to use underneath a kennel.. This will save you hundreds of dollars in hardwood paint, sanding, and tools that come with trying to refurbish hardwood.


4.     Helps Provide Traction for Older Dogs

If you have an older pup that can’t quite navigate the smooth surface of a hardwood floor, placing one (or many) vinyl mats down can help them get from point A to point B without taking a tumble. As with most older dogs, their bones are traditionally less stable as they age, leading to potential damage with each fall.

To prevent any slips or falls, and to protect hardwood floors from dog, use Vinyl Mat as a perfect pathway with lots of traction.


5.     Provides a Clean Spot for Muddy Paws

If you think about it, dogs are kind of like kids. They like to explore, get muddy, and let loose while in their outdoor environment. And like kids, you need to have a back or front door mat that will collect all the outside dirt, debris, and mud from entering your home.

Place a vinyl floor mat on the inside of both your front and back doors, to protect hardwood floors from a pet. This will give your dogs a surface to clean their muddy paws before running on your clean, hardwood floors.


6.     Protects Car Interiors

Car rides with dogs are always way more fun! Except, when they bring outside dirt into your freshly cleaned car. To protect your car’s interiors from muddy paws or clingy pet dander, opt for a vinyl floor mat that can be easily cleaned anytime and anywhere! To clean the mat, simply use a hose or wet wash rag with vinegar to remove any debris that your pet may have picked up and dry with a towel. 

Once they’re dry, they’re good as new!


7.     Easier Control for Dog Baths

As dirty as they are, pets loathe a bath, which is why it’s recommended to use a vinyl floor mat as a base for your bathtub during the oh so dreaded bath time! Vinyl floor mats add a level of comfortability and slip resistance, so your dog or cat isn’t sliding around during a shampoo! Remember, you’re more comfortable if they’re more comfortable, so give them that extra layer of slip-proof protection.


8.     Protects Furniture from Pet Damage

There’s nothing a pet loves more than to take full advantage of a freshly cleaned couch. Floors are too hard, grass is too spiky, but couches…couches are just right.

To save yourself the hassle of daily vacuums, dusts, and wipe downs, protect your furniture with a durable vinyl mat that can catch any pet hair or dander. This tip is great for anyone that suffers from allergies and can’t seem to get all the hair of out of the house.

Simply take the mat, shake it out (outside), and wipe it down. You’ll be sniffle free and your furry friend will be more comfortable than ever.


9.     Prevents Dog Claws When the Doorbell Rings

Dog owners know that when the doorbell rings, the house breaks loose with barking, zoomies – the works. Having a vinyl floor mat that sits right in front of your door can help prevent any scratches that might occur during the excitement. As a bonus, you can add a plastic vinyl strip curtain for your pet door.

While not impossible, it is more difficult to get scratches out of hardwood, so if you can prevent it, it’s always the best option.


10.  Controls Excess Litter Escape for Cats

Cats, though generally clean animals, tend to love kicking their litter all over the place after a bathroom visit. Without a vinyl protective mat, this can mean twice daily clean ups – and who wants that? To protect hardwood floors from a cat, place a vinyl mat underneath your cat’s litter box and simply pat the mat outside when it becomes dirty. No more sweeping and mopping 3x a day. Just simple, easy clean up every time.


How to Protect Floors from Dog Nails

Hardwood floors are generally softer than laminate which means they’re more prone to scratches from your furry friends. To protect hardwood floors from dog nails, there are a few preventative measures that we love and most dog owners find helpful.

These include:

  1. Trimming your dog’s nails often
  2. Placing protective mats down in high-traffic areas
  3. Using carpet runners to prevent dog sliding
  4. Taking your dog for lots of walks


Trust Resilia Brands for Your Pet’s Needs

It’s time to upgrade from your standard towel and jump on the vinyl mat bandwagon! With Resilia, you know you’re getting high-quality, environmentally-friendly plastic products that are made with our family-first ethos.

Give your pet the best of the best when it comes to their mats and save yourself the stress of a messy clean-up. Test-drive our mats for yourself to see the difference!

For any questions about our vinyl mat products or to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives, please contact us today!


September 28, 2022

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