Top 5 Best Grill Mats for the Fall Season

Fall is upon us and that means warm, comforting foods cooked on the grill. With the focus on delicious food and family fun, you may not even notice the harmful effects of the grill on your outdoor deck. Elements like rust and excess drippings from grease can wreak havoc on a deck, causing it to diminish in sturdiness and lose its overall value as both color and texture fades.

How to Choose the Best Grill Mat?

Fortunately for you, the experts at Resilia Brands have you covered, delivering high-quality, durable outdoor grill mats that are perfect for the fall season. BBQ parties, Halloween parties, and messy activities like pumpkin carving are made all the more fun if your deck is protected too.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the important reasons for buying grill mats for your deck and help you choose the best grill mat for your specific needs!

7 Reasons to Buy a Grill Mat for Your Outdoor Party

The best grill mat is always one that you don’t have to think about; It’s sturdy, easy to clean, and can fit in nearly any storage space. But, aside from the basics, there are numerous reasons why grill mats are an essential household item for an outdoor party.

1.     Deck Surface Protection

Decks are not cheap; they require a certain level of care and consideration when any furniture or appliance is placed on top. That’s why we always recommend adding a grill mat underneath your favorite cooktop in order to give an extra layer between the dangerous elements that can cause your deck to wither. Heat, grease, and rust are only a few of the many elements that will cause a deck to lose value over time.

2.     Protects Against Stains

While most decks are sealed in order to prevent water damage, that doesn’t always apply to heat-borne elements that can potentially leave unsightly or dangerous stains. High-heat, grease, and oxidation from metal can leave stains on a deck, turning it darker or lighter depending on your wood color. It’s vital to add a durable grill mat underneath your appliance in order to prevent these stains from ever occurring.

3.     Rust Protection

As the iron used in all grills will eventually rust over time, choosing a grill mat that can prevent stains or excess damage to your deck is an important part of owing a grill. Preventing these kinds of damages is much easier than trying to fix the damage after it has already happened.

4.     Easy Sanitation

As we said, the best grill mat is one you can easily clean in under five minutes. Simply hose down your grill mat after each heavy use or when you notice it’s getting dirty and add a tiny bit of soap. The pressure from the hose is more than enough to remove dirt, debris, and grease, leaving you with a brand-new grill mat you can use all season long.

5.     Better Design

The design you choose for your grill mat will depend on your grill and its shape, however at Resilia Brands, we make it our mission to provide improved design and accessibility for all grill types so that you don’t have to shop multiple places. Choose from our selection of grill mats today and find the shape, design, and length that’s right for you.

6.     Storage Friendly

During the off seasons like winter and spring, you may not get as much use out of your grill mat, which is why the best grill mat should be storage friendly and be made to fit into any crevice or container. At Resilia, we expertly design our grill mats to be both durable and flexible, easily fitting in even the tightest of spaces.

7.     High-Quality and Durable

There’s no worse feeling than getting a grill mat that smells like old tires or one that breaks only after a few uses. When you shop Resilia, you’re shopping quality. Our grill mats are made from phthalate free flexible vinyl to ensure that your deck is protected without the tire smell.

Our Top 5 Picks for Best Grill Mats for Fall

Ready to find the grill mat for your deck? Explore our top 5 picks for the best grill mats for fall.

1.     All-time favorite

Our premium grill mat is the perfect choice for smaller grills that are more mobile. Designed with the same heavy-duty protective insulation and thick, flame-retardant material, this grill is ideal for any and all locations, seasons, and events.

2.     Big Boy

This heavy-duty grill mat comes in five attractive colors and is designed for long-lasting protection underneath your grill. Whether you’re cooking meat, vegetables, or fish, this grill mat will give you that extra layer of protection you’re looking for.

3.     Perfect Circle

Our 36in diameter grill mat is ideal for smaller, outdoor grill sessions. With four different color options to choose from and flexible PVC vinyl made entirely from recycled materials, this budget-friendly option works for just about any occasion!

4.     Renook

While not as thick and high-quality, this grill mat set is ideal for smaller, lighter grills and is made from 100% PFOA-free materials.

5.     Accessorize it

While not technically an under the grill mat, these mesh mat sets are ideal for smaller, grills and can be used in up to 500-degree heat.

Shop All Your Indoor/Outdoor Mats at Resilia Brands Today!

Be prepared this fall season with grill mats that are designed to keep your deck looking beautiful! To learn more about Resilia Brands or find out what grill mat is best for you, please contact us today!

October 21, 2022

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