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The most common question we get asked at is – How to choose the best vinyl runner mat for the carpet I have?  To a large extent it comes down to your personal preference and budget. However, here are some questions about your carpet and protection needs to guide your carpet floor runner product selection process.

What you should know about carpet floor runners?

Your first consideration for clear vinyl running mats for carpeted floors should be your carpet pile height, sometimes called fiber height.  There are not strict standards for classification carpets by pile height, but the following is a good overall breakdown to work with when considering vinyl runners for carpeted floors:

  1.  Low pile carpet has short fibers that are typically under ¼ inch high.  The carpet fibers feel flat and dense. This type of carpet is easy to clean and durable; it doesn’t catch much dirt or debris, and it can stand up to a lot of foot traffic without losing its initial appearance. Low pile carpet is the best carpet for high traffic areas and rooms where dirt, pet hair, or other messes may occur. One of the biggest pros of having a carpet floor runner for carpeted floor is that it will protect low pile carpet from heavy traffic wear and accidental spills.


low pile carpet
  1. Medium pile carpet offers a balance of ease and comfort. With fibers between ¼ inch and less than ½ inch, medium pile carpet is softer to the touch but still manages to hold up to dirt and moderate foot traffic. This makes it a popular choice for living rooms and bedrooms where you may want more comfort underfoot. Although more prone to catching pet hair and debris, this type of carpet can still be easily cleaned with a vacuum that has a brush roller.
  2. Deep pile carpet has long fibers that create a plush and fluffy look and feel, with fibers that are ½ inch to ¾ inches in length. While high pile carpets add extra cushion underfoot, they also require more frequent cleaning because they more readily collect dust and debris. Additionally, high pile carpets are more prone to being compressed and holding impressions from furniture and foot traffic. This pile height is a good choice if you want to add a touch of warmth and luxury or in areas where you want to dampen noise. For deep pile carpet, this Carpet Floor Runner comes in handy. offers clear vinyl runner mats for carpeted floors for different budgets and design tastes and for each Carpet Pile Height.  Our carpet floor runners have grippers or spikes on the underside of the runner to help keep it in place on the carpet.  The longer the carpet fiber, the longer the gripper on the runner to match the depth of the carpet fibers.  Hence, low pile carpet runners have shorter grippers matched to low or medium pile carpets, while deep pile carpet runners have the longest gripper lengths. 

 How to choose the right Carpet Vinyl Runner?

  • Our Low Pile Vinyl Runner Carpet Protector is a clear product primarily for carpet with low pile carpet fibers. This is a lighter and more flexible runner and is not well suited for use on carpets with medium or deep pile fibers.  Low Pile Carpet is often installed in high traffic areas of your home or office.  Our Vinyl Runner for low pile carpets will preserve the carpet for a longer period and is economical to replace more frequently than the heavier weight products offered. 

However, this product is not well suited for indoor/outdoor carpeting because the grippers cannot pierce this carpet’s tight weave which is needed for the vinyl runner to remain flat and not buckle up.  You can also use this low pile product as a lower cost or temporary alternative on medium pile carpets.  It is 27 inches wide precut into 3 convenient lengths of 6, 12 and 25 feet.

  •  Our Prism Runner product line is best suited for medium pile carpets and also clear.  It is a heavier weight with longer grippers.  It can be used on low pile carpets as well including tightly woven indoor/outdoor carpet as the grippers pierce into the short fibers to hold the runner flat and in place.  It is also 27 inches wide and in lengths of 6,12 and 25 feet.
  •  Our Deep Pile Runner is a good choice for longer fiber carpets. The product is offered in clear or black.  Its grippers are long and the weight of the runner allows it to lay flat and not buckle. However, it can also be used on low and medium pile carpet if a more robust runner is desired.  The Deep Pile Runner Carpet Protector is 27 inches but is also available in 36 and 48 inch widths for wider hallways, high traffic office areas or other commercial venues during inclement weather.  Available in the standard 3 lengths as the other products.

5 extra reasons to buy the Runner Carpet Protector

We have learned at not to make assumptions about why a customer wants to buy a vinyl runner carpet protector.  People use it for multiple purposes and not all of them are for the protection of their carpets. Here are some examples:

  1. Having a party or gathering?  You may order Low Pile or Deep Pile Runners to lay down near their front door for shoes or alongside a buffet table to protect carpets from food or drink spills.  
  2. Elementary School Teachers purchase the Low Pile for their class rooms when it rains or snows.  Their students line up their boots or shoes to keep water, mud and grass around the class room floor.
  3. Pet Owners are also using runners.  They turn the Deep Pile Runner upside down – grippers pointing up.  The length, rigidity and spacing of these grippers prevent cats and dogs from jumping up on the furniture.  The vinyl runner is easy to roll up and store away when family members or guests want to sit.  This was such a popular use of the Deep Pile Runner we now offer a product specifically designed for this use. However, many customers still prefer buying the runner for this purpose.carpet protection from pets
  4. Customers that are moving or redecorating purchase our Vinyl Runners to protect the carpet from the mover’s shoes, dolly wheels, paint or debris.  Our Vinyl Runners offer better carpet protection than poly tarp sheets or drop clothes, offering much more robust protection that won’t tear or rip easily, even when heavy furniture or dollys are dragged over it.
  5. Real Estate Agents also purchase our Vinyl Runners to protect a home’s flooring during client viewings. They are easy to put down and take up for the showing and the realtor and clients will not need to take off their shoes or put on those cumbersome booties.


Do You Want A Vinyl Runner Carpet Protector with A Decorative Pattern? offers the largest selection of Vinyl Runner Carpet Protectors, made right here in the USA.  Selection of a product does not have to be limited to the fiber size or the application you plan on using the runner for.  Our runners come in unique patterns that are not available from other suppliers:

  • Mosaic
  • Mediterranean
  • American Modern
  • Dual Pad
  • Textured

 What If You Want To Protect A Hard Floor?

All of the products are available in a version with a smooth surface underneath (no grippers).  These Hard Floor Vinyl Runners will protect hard wood, tile, stained cement, vinyl or laminate flooring.  In addition, Hard Floor Vinyl Runners help keep the flooring clean, better traction and adsorb sound. 

Resilia Brands manufacturers a wide range of vinyl flooring runners and mats is several attractive patterns and colors.  All of our products meet the strict Proposition 65 chemical requirements and do not require the mandatory warning labels implemented within the State of California.  Resilia Brands runners and mats are easily wiped clean with soap and water or you favorite cleaning agent.  All of product is made here in the United States and sold directly to the consumer direct to their door.  Contact us, to order a perfect Runner today!


September 13, 2022

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