10 Things You Should Know About Stair Treads

In this blog post, we’re going to look at stair treads; what they are, what you should know about them, and whether you need one. Without further ado, let’s get Stairted!

            What is a stair tread?

Stair Treads are the part of the stairs that you step on. Simple, right? They are placed on the stairs as one of the last “steps” during installation. The way the stair tread is designed is important because it will decide the comfort and safety levels of the stairs.

        Top 10 things you should know about stair treads:

  1. Stair treads and risers prevent foot traffic wear on wooden steps.
  2. They protect wooden steps from damage that can arise when moving heavy objects from the attic or basement, which can cause wood splinters.
  3. Stair Tread Protectors are easy to install and can be securely attached to steps with two strips of double-sided carpet tape placed between the underside of the front and back of the tread and the step.
  4. Stair Treads also work best on indoor steps that have square fronts.  Attic and basement stairs are common places for these types of stair treads and plastic tread protectors will preserve step life and prevent splinters.
  5. In terms of keeping them clean Stair Tread can be easily cleaned with soap and water or your preferred floor cleaning solution. Dry them completely after cleaning to prevent accidental slipping hazards while they are wet.
  6. Another important thing to know, is that Stair Tread Protectors are economical, available in different quantities to protect the number of steps you have.
  7. They come in multiple neutral colors like black, brown, and beige to match your home’s décor.
  8. You can buy Stair Treads online in the quantities you need delivered right to your door.  Retail Big Box and hardware stores rarely have 13-15 stair tread protectors in stock, which is the normal number needed to do a full set of stairs.
  9. Stair Treads are easily replaced when worn.
  10. And the last, but not least quality of Stair Tread, is that they have grooves on the top to enhance traction for improved safety and slip prevention.

A critical aspect of a stair tread is the type of material used to make them.

                What are stair treads made of?

  • Wood is the most common material for interior staircase treads.
  • Masonry products like brick, concrete or limestone are good choices for exterior steps along with decking or fiberglass.
  • Metal is also used for spiral staircases or for stairs with a modern design.
  • At Resilia Brands, we created a unique stair tread from high levels of recycled vinyl material.

You can find a wide range of Stair Treads at our website, in different colors and sizes.  All Resilia Brands products are made in the United States, have high levels of recycled vinyl material content, and are phthalate-free.  We have a broad range of floor covering products to compliment your Stair Treads, like our Hard Floor Vinyl Floor Runner

Resilia Brands is a family-owned and operated company dedicated to providing high-quality, environmentally friendly, innovative plastic products for homes and offices nationwide. Our products are proudly made in the United States, right in our hometown of Wheeling, Illinois!

Our team passionately focuses on providing our customers with high quality plastic products that adhere to the strictest plastic sustainability protocols in the U.S. Together, we’re working to reduce plastic waste as much as possible while providing products that are built to last.

Visit us today at ResiliaBrands.com or contact us and let us know what you need when it comes to protecting your stair treads.  

September 07, 2022

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